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Nowadays, information can pretty much be found on any topic, anywhere on the web. Sometimes there is almost too much information and can be what I like to call an “information overload.”  I am subscribed to a bunch of newsletters, but I’m not going to lie– most of the time I don’t get around to opening half of them. The best newsletters, in my opinion, are visually appealing and highly organized, making it easy to find the important gold nuggets of information without going on a literary treasure hunt. The information should be presented in a way that is clear and concise.

As someone who runs a business, you have a lot on your plate and time is precious. Many times there are not enough minutes in the day, and certainly not enough to pick and choose which newsletters are worth reading. As a small business owner, it is essential to be informed about a range of topics inside and outside of your expertise. My recommendation is to pick 5-10 newsletters that best align with your interests and what you feel is most important to stay informed on.
Because we know your time is precious, below is a list of small business newsletters we compiled that we feel are worth subscribing to.
The NYT Small Business Newsletter is a very well rounded source of information aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners. Read about the latest news, analysis, and tools that are essential to help you succeed in the competitive small business marketplace. Also check out their blog.
AGBeat Daily– Daily 
Part of the American Genius Network, you don’t have to be a technology prodigy to understand and use the information they provide. They present information in an easily understandable and useable way.
Small Biz Newsletter– Bi-weekly
From Bloomberg Business Week, this newsletter is for entrepreneurs and small business owners to stay updated on the latest small biz news.
Smart Brief– Daily
Smart brief isn’t your traditional newsletter. With Smart Brief you can choose your industry and receive industry specific news to your inbox each day. There is no limit on how many you subscribe to. That way you can keep up to date on your industry, as well as an important client’s industry.
Filled with Small business news and tips, every Friday Biz Sugar sends an e-newsletter containing the top 10 most voted for and read stories.
Small Biz Trends stays true to its name and provides updates on the most recent trends in the small business community. You can subscribe to the whole newsletter and receive trending articles, special announcements and events, or alternatively you can subscribe to separate feeds such as Small Business Operations, Sales trends, or Social Media trends.
For small businesses startups, this is a great newsletter for those new to the small biz world. It provides everything from useful information, tips and resources, to products and services. This is a one stop shop for learning how to build and run a small business.
Please let us know what other newsletters we may be missing, we’d love to get your feedback.
Happy subscribing!
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