Be prepared for a Post Campaign Audit

During a political campaign, money moves quickly and things can get complicated. When Michael Cohen pled guilty to eight criminal charges, including two campaign finance violations, he admitted to knowing his actions had been unlawful. But even candidates as respected as Barack Obama and John McCain have been hit with hefty fines, ugly headlines, and public suspicion for innocent campaign finance mistakes made during their runs for office.
The post-campaign audit process causes night sweats for even the most experienced. It is neither simple nor straight forward. Comprehending the volume, nature and nuances of the rules and restrictions require special training. And still, the legitimacy of some spending remains open to interpretation.
To ameliorate the challenges posed by the post-campaign audit, many leading campaigns are eliminating cash and using PEX to be more transparent and more compliant.
PEX is an innovative, industry-leading expense management platform that offers the ease, efficiency and transparency of prepaid cards. 
Unmatched by any other service, The PEX platform allows campaign managers and treasurers to maintain complete control and gain real-time access to:

  1. Who is spending
  2. What they are spending on
  3. How much they are spending

You can eliminate the “gotchas” and keep your message on point with the media.  
Administrators will be able to define spending privileges according to department, individual cardholder, merchant category and more. By using the PEX platform staff members can request funds with a few clicks on their smartphone, while administrators can respond to those requests just as easily.
As staff spend to get the campaign message out to voters, the PEX platform tracks every transaction in real time and captures receipts. Plus, up-to-the-second reports are only a few clicks away. This means you always know where the campaign stands financially and your post-campaign audit will be a breeze.
We at PEX are happy to be taking a leading role in providing more transparency and accountability to the world of campaign finance. To learn more about how political campaigns can be more efficient, transparent and compliant, schedule a demo with us below.

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