Attending Trade Shows with Prepaid Credit Cards


Anyone who has gone to a trade show knows that some things are planned ahead of time and some things can’t be. In most cases, the fee for the event is paid in advance. And as with any travel, there will be food, transportation, and accommodation costs. These are predictable and easily budgeted. Then there are the costs associated with the last minute details of assembling and running a booth, entertaining colleagues and other incidentals. If your employees will be attending trade shows, conferences or conventions, they need a way to cover these purchases and you need a way to record these business expenses.

Fortunately, if you are using a prepaid card for business, like PEX Card, this is easy to accomplish. The budgeted amount can be put on the card to cover anticipated expenditures. If additional funds are needed for incidental expenses, more can be added to the card. All expenses are recorded and can be pulled into a comprehensive report.

When travel expenses are this easy to manage, your employees can spend time on what really matters, like impressing potential business contacts and gathering valuable information to bring back and share with the office.

Toffer Grant is PEX's Founder and CEO. He founded PEX in 2006 as a prepaid card solution for small businesses. His background in the prepaid industry began at Clarity Payment Solutions, where he initiated 65 prepaid card programs in consumer, corporate, and emerging verticals of the prepaid card industry. 

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