6 Business Tools That Make Life Easier


The day-to-day of a small business owner can be extremely busy–something the most skilled multitasker would have trouble handling. Luckily, there are certain business tools that can make life easier and prevent things from falling through the cracks. Below is a list complied of 6 business tools designed to help small business owners breathe a little easier.

Stay organized with Evernote
Evernote is note heaven, and they aren't your average note. You can store notes with voicemails, recordings, images, and website links. Once you label your notes, you can turn them into reminders and share them. It's a great way to stay organized, not to mention that it syncs up all of your devices, so no matter if you're on your iPad, smart phone, or laptop, all of your information will be in the same place.
Stay social media savvy with Hootsuite
There are a million things going on throughout your day– do you really have time to post multiple times across each of your social media accounts?  Hootsuite combines all of your social media accounts into an easy to monitor side-by-side feed and gives you the ability to pre-schedule your posts and tweets. Amp up your social media presence without having to man your twitter, facebook, instagram, Linkedin, or Google+ accounts all day.
Become an expert with Google Analytics
GA is an amazing resource that allows you to monitor your website traffic in depth. You can track and analyze your website traffic and drill down into the nitty-gritty to see where it comes from, when, and what makes it go up and down. All of this helps you figure out what actions cause traffic to increase, and further steps you should take to drive even more traffic.
Easily share and access docs in the cloud (and simultaneously save trees!) with Dropbox 
Dropbox allows you to access files in the cloud- which means you can access them from anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to share files with your team who can view and even edit them.
A free and similar alternative to Dropbox is Google Drive. The Drive is another awesome tool to share all types of resources- docs, spreadsheets, calendars- with your team. The info is all in one place, and its free.
Turn your smartphone into an accountant for free with Expensify
Expensify makes it easy to track your expenses digitally. It imports all of your expenses and receipts straight from your credit card, and turns it into a PDF expense report that is submitted by email. Reports up to 10k can be reimbursed….all online! Expensify can also be integrated with Quickbooks software– making accountants and bookkeepers around the country very, very happy.
Stay organized and on top of your game, and free up time to complete other tasks by letting these tools do some of the work for you.
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