5 Steps to Hiring The Perfect Candidate

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Question: I have an event planning business that has been growing steadily over the past 2-3 years. I’m now looking to open a second location in another city where we’ve done some business, but I want to make sure I hire the best person for the job. The ideal person would be motivated, a self-starter and someone who doesn’t need a lot of instructions or direction. Any thoughts?

Answer: Congratulations on the success of your business. Whenever you bring on people who be representing your company, it’s very important to do your homework.

Here are five things you can and probably should do as you prepare to expand your business:

1) Google Search – What does Google, or any other Internet Search tool, tell you about your candidates? Sometimes you might have to expand your search if someone has a popular name. It helps to search by several key words to narrow the results.

2) Social Media – Do your candidates use social media for business? If yes, how do they represent themselves and their company? Are there any red flags that pop up?

3) References – Ask for 3-5 references from your final candidates and make sure that at least two are work-related.

4) Expectations – It is critical to make sure the final candidates for the new opening are very clear about your expectations with regard to the position. There are few things worse than hiring someone and then realizing you picked the wrong person for the job.

5) Monitor – Have regularly-scheduled phone calls or Skype sessions with the new employee. You want to make sure to answer their questions and see how they are progressing in the job.

By taking all five steps, you measurably reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. The best candidates usually rise to the top of the list after a thorough background check and interviews. Good luck with the new hire!

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