5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid


Personal social media and business social media use many of the same platforms, but require radically different content strategies and management. You may be an avid Tweeter or Instagram aficionado on your personal pages, but the strategy for likes, follows, and interaction doesn't necessarily translate to social media for business.

1. Require a “social media policy” for your employees
It is prudent to come up with a social media policy with guidelines on how employees should conduct themselves online; whether utilizing company social media, or even within their personal social media. Identify unacceptable behavior and set a standard before there are problems.

2. Utilize your bio
Your company bio is great for SEO purposes. Don't be lazy — make sure your company bio is clear and concise in every social media platform you use.

3. Quality vs. Quantity
Don't overtweet, overpost, overshare useless content for the sake of quantity. Make sure there is a clear purpose behind your content on all social media purposes. You want your customers to follow you on social media because they value you what you are saying.

4. Don't ignore feedback
Whether it's a compliment or a complaint — when someone interacts with your company on a public forum, it is best to respond quickly. Oftentimes customers just need a place to talk to your company — once they realize they are being heard, they are satisfied. It often builds brand loyalty to establish a “one on one” relationship via social media.

5. Don't fail to post
People follow you on social media for a reason — they like your company or have stumbled across some interesting content you share. Don't lose your audience by failing to keep their attention. Post regularly. Experts suggest several times a week, if not several times a day.

Best of luck with your company social media! 

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