PEX and Partner on New Spend Management Tracker™ Report

How do non-profits, in a fast-paced disaster recovery situation, keep auditable records without collecting and saving paper receipts? What share of operational costs do companies currently incur through per diem fraud, errors and dispute resolutions? On a scale of 1 – 100, how do paper checks rate on the Disbursement Satisfaction Index™?

These are not mere trivia questions. As you’ll see in the premiere Workforce Spend Management Tracker™ Report, they represent issues at the heart of the challenges organizations today face as they empower workforce spending in the field, where it can make the biggest difference for business.

A new report for the way we do business today.

The Workforce Spend Management Tracker™, powered by PEX, is a new monthly report that keeps readers abreast of the new technologies enabling employee spending and tracking expenses in the face of today’s evolving business needs.

Each issue shows ways that technology can empower organizations with mobile
workforces to make field-based purchases and gain deeper insight into how funds are spent.You’ll see how organizations maintain flexibility and accountability with workforces that may include freelancers, contractors or gig workers—people with limited stakes in the organization and minimal resources to layout money and wait for reimbursement.

The technologies you need to know about today

In this premiere issue, you can read about how Coupa Software now lets customers manage inventory, locate items and reorder supplies with Amazon Alexa. It’s there along with innovations from Mastercard, AirPlus and, of course, PEX.

Every Tracker will also feature a “Deep Dive.” This first report focuses on the falling use of paper checks and how they’re being replaced by corporate payment cards. Particularly, those that offer flexibility for workers to make purchases while allowing companies to easily track spending.

The Tracker also profiles All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response and the card-based payment solution that helps this natural disaster response nonprofit get money to staff and volunteers safely and securely, when time is of the essence.

Download your premier Workforce Spend Management Tracker™ Report here.

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