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Browse expense management guides, checklists, and learn how to navigate your PEX account.

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Use PEX to customize your prepaid debit card usage and experience

Developer guide

Learn about the PEX API, check out practical examples of how to use it, and view documentation.

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Our partnerships help you manage expenses seamlessly

PEX Platform integrates with Tallie for travel and mileage expense reporting

Sync with Tallie

Time-saving expense reporting platform designed for travel and mileage.

PEX prepaid card platform integrates with Quickbooks and other accounting software

Export to QuickBooks

Manage your business' expenses all in one place.

PEX Platform integrates with Expensify and other accounting software

Integrate with Expensify

Streamline expense reporting and accounting integration.

Become an Ambassador

Whether you're an accountant, bookkeeper, or just know a business that might benefit from PEX, our Ambassador program rewards both you and those you refer.

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