The Road to a Modern Finance Organization

Level 5

What keeps Level 5s at the top of their game? Utilization of real-time data flow and automated integration. Level 5s have up-to-the-minute knowledge of what’s happening with the expense cards used throughout their organization—either through real-time settlements, real-time reporting, or an API.

Integrated software is doing it all for Level 5s:

  • Managing multiple accounts for different businesses or units becomes easier at this level thanks to integrated digital systems and real-time reporting. You can see where your money is going at any time and from any place. 

  • Each employee expense card has a predefined spending limit that can be updated on your terms as roles evolve, responsibilities change, and your organization grows. 

  • Employees include notes and billing codes with every transaction—and track receipts using Receipt Capture. 

  • Expense reporting and reconciliation are automatic and error-free.

  • Every transaction is simultaneously recorded into an accounting system. Tie-outs are clean; tax liabilities are properly accounted for; and though you’re managing more activity than ever before, your workflows hum without having to add more people. 

Decision controls allow for even more flexibility: 

  • Tight integration with proprietary systems allows you to apply your own decisioning technology for authorizing spending. Decision Control features, like those found in PEX, enable you to approve or deny a purchase request in real-time. 

  • Decision Control ties real-time transactional data into your systems. For example, on-demand delivery services require someone to be authorized to go to a specific store and buy specific products (usually within a set timeframe or day). Money is placed on the card only at the time of order and can only be used as specified. Once the card is swiped at point of purchase, any excess balance is erased from the card. When done at scale (say with hundreds, thousands, or even a million cards), the value of Decision Control and real-time information across your systems is massive.

Want to find out how to stay at the top of your game? Explore business solutions offered by PEX. 

Want to find out how to stay at the top of your game? Explore business solutions offered by PEX.