Small Business Advice- Stay On Top Of Your Money

The Moving Forward series on Business Insider, is a series offering advice to small business owners on technology, mentorship, productivity, and growth. Chris Runyan, President of GameXchange, and Connecticut Small business owner of the year winner, gives some very worthy advice in the excerpt below from the article: Essential Advice From America's Small Business People Of The Year.

Runyan warns against the potential dangers that emerge when business and personal finances aren't organized. ;If you have cash flow issues, and you make bad decisions, starting a new business can create a lot of stress and most people fail because of that. So much pressure is created when the business owns you in the beginning. Stress and unknowns create bad decisions. Be on top of your money.”

PEX was created specifically for this reason- as a tool to help business owners stay in control and on top of their money Don't let stress win, take control of your expenses and cash flow. The rest of the article can be found here.


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