PEX Card 4.2 Release – New Features for Admins!


PEX Card is constantly working on product enhancements to give our customers a better experience. We recently released the 4.2 version of our admin website,, which is full of exciting new product features and enhancements. To make the most of your PEX Card Admin capacity, here's what you need to know:

Card Not Present
One of most requested new features is finally here! “Card Not Present” restricts a cardholder from using their PEX Card to make online or phone purchases. This feature, which is adjustable within the spend rules section for each card, was added for fraud prevention.

Expired Authorizations
Occasionally, a transaction will be authorized, take too long to settle, and the authorization disappears from your report. This new report lets you track authorizations that are missing from transactions, so they don't sneak up on you when they settle!

Spending Rulesets
Administrators can now create “rulesets” – specific rules about how a card can or cannot be used. Groups can be assigned a ruleset, and all cardholders within that group will automatically be assigned the same rules. This saves the administrator a significant amount of time in assigning rules to each card, particularly when they are issuing a large number of cards to employees.

Updated Transaction Notes
A cardholder can now add notes to pending transactions, not just settled transactions. This gives more opportunity for detail and the decreased chance that a cardholder will forget to make notes.

Questions? Email [email protected] for more details on how to use the new features.

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