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Discover how PEX can help you control and track employee spending, streamline expense management, and increase your bottom line.


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PEX for SERVPRO® Franchises

  • Issue and cancel cards via web and mobile platform
  • Fund and top-up cards instantly
  • Set spend controls from spend amounts, to spend privileges by chosen category, to limit where funds can be spent
  • No credit checks required *

The PEX Mobile App

  • Cardholders and Administrators stay in sync via real-time transaction reporting
  • Capture receipts, tag transactions for reports, or modify spend rules, all on-the-go

PEX for Cardholders

  • Allocate purchases, making expense reports unnecessary
  • Mobile receipt capture and funds request
  • PEX 24/7 customer support
  • No credit checks required *

The smart way to manage your organization's spending

Move efficiently, maintain tight spending controls, and receive accurate real-time records with PEX.