How to Fund Your PEX Account

Travel Reimbursement

Easily pay for employee travel with PEX, and monitor transactions with our expense management platform.
PEX for Employee Travel
PEX makes it easy for CFOs and controllers to manage travel expenses while making it easy for business travelers to pay without the administrative headache on the back end. You set the funds available and types of purchases permitted, allowing your employees to focus on the purpose of their travels.

Eliminate Travel Expense Headaches
Corporate travel management creates expense reports, receipts, and reconciliation. PEX can help.
  • Employee PEX Visa® Prepaid Cards can be used to pay for airfare, lodging, or per diems
  • Daily spend limits and transaction limits can help your team stay under budget
  • Adhere to your travel policy by permitting or blocking certain airlines or hotel chains

Download the PEX Expense Management Fact Sheet

Learn more about PEX as a solution for a complicated travel reimbursement system.