How to Fund Your PEX Account

Eliminate Petty Cash

PEX makes petty cash obsolete with a web-based expense management system.
Employers often turn to a petty cash fund for small office expenses. Not only is petty cash reconciliation difficult, employees often dislike being tasked with tracking change and receipts. 

Eliminate petty cash with PEX, an expense management solution for expenses big and small, and create a digital transaction record of every dollar spent.
"PEX has been a great addition to our business processes. It has allowed us to get rid of a antiquated and administratively burdensome petty cash system, and I sleep easier at night knowing that petty cash fraud is a lot less likely due to the increased visibility into the transactions." - Financial Manager, Steel Company

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Stop wasting time and money with petty cash and learn about PEX's new expense management platform.