How to Fund Your PEX Account

Personal Credit Card Alternative

PEX is an expense management solution for business, 
eliminating payments with personal credit cards and reimbursement checks.
Eliminate Personal Credit Cards

PEX provides an effective alternative for businesses relying on an employee's personal credit card to make business purchases. Rather than using their own cards for future reimbursement, employees receive reloadable PEX Visa® Prepaid Cards, but you control exactly how much is on every card and where they can be used, all from your computer and mobile device.

Cut Reimbursement Checks

Relying on employees to pay out-of-pocket for a business expense, and wait to be reimbursed, can be a burden. Make your employees and your accounting staff more productive but cutting time-consuming expense reports, reconciliations, and reimbursement checks.

Improve Processes & Efficiency
Issue your employees a PEX Card and provide funds immediately using our web-based platform or mobile app. All transactions are posted in real time, you can add and remove funds and swap the balance between cards instantly. Set limits to the amount your employees are able to spend in a day, week, or month, and select where the cards may be used. It’s as simple as selecting yes to grocery stores, no to travel. Then use PEX Receipt Capture to create a digital receipt for all transactions.

Make your business more efficient by leaving the expense management to PEX. Download our Fact Sheet to the right to learn more.
Learn how to eliminate personal credit cards from your business. Download the free PEX Expense Management Fact Sheet.