How to Fund Your PEX Account

Prepaid Gas Cards for Business

Managing fuel expenses for company fleets can be especially tricky for small business owners. PEX provides a streamlined solution that enables easy usage for drivers, as well as simple and precise expense tracking.
How does a prepaid gas card work?

Increase control when you give PEX Visa® Prepaid Cards to employees. Unlike ordinary prepaid cards, small business owners have the ability to view real-time information about how company workers use the card. What’s more, managers can decide whether the reloadable card can be used to purchase only gas, or whether employees can utilize it in other locations, such as hardware stores. The reloadable cards’ budgets can be both defined and quickly modified, making PEX a sophisticated answer to the fast-paced nature of operating a small business.  
PEX allows companies to:
  • Issue a PEX Visa® Prepaid Card to employees for fuel or any other expense
  • See how much your employees are spending at any moment; transactions are posted to the card immediately.
  • Control where and when employees can spend on fuel expenses
  • Limit employee spending to fuel only - or add another industry they might require, such as hardware stores.
  • Fund an employee's PEX Card from a desktop or mobile app 24/7

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  • Easily budget and allocate funds to employees

    Allocates funds to cardholder

  • Determine specific expense needs

    Set spending categories (e.g. Fuel)

  • Set a daily spending limit to avoid exceeding budgets

    Set spending limits (e.g. $100 per day)

  • Employees gain access to necessary funds instantly

    Receives funds

  • Only spend money where approved

    Spends funds

  • Replenish automatically or by request

    Requests funds

How Do PEX Prepaid Fuel Cards Benefit Employees?

Thanks to PEX’s reloadable gas cards, your employees will no longer have to worry about paying fleet fuel expenses upfront, only to be reimbursed at a later date. This reduces any temporary strain on their bank accounts, as well as the universally disliked task of filling out expense reports or keeping track of receipts. You can also eliminate the need for convoluted expense reports, as employees have the option of easily adding digital notes and receipts to each purchase. 

PEX offers more flexibility than typical prepaid gas cards. While the cost of fuel can accrue quite a hefty price tag for a corporate fleet, it certainly isn’t the only expense for which businesses need to prepare. To reflect this, PEX empowers employers to swiftly change the card’s spending capabilities due to unforeseen circumstances, such as needing to visit a mechanic, buying extra supplies, etc. Additionally, business owners can instantaneously refill or defund the prepaid gas card using a computer or mobile app, no matter the time of day. This means that your fleet workers will never be without a convenient solution while on the road. 

Unlike with some prepaid gas card options, your employees are free to use any gas station they want. It’s hard to believe, but some prepaid fuel cards limit usage to only certain stations. This can lead to drivers becoming frustrated, as well as wasted time and gas if workers need to drive out of their way to refuel. 

How Do PEX Prepaid Fuel Cards Benefit Business Owners and Managers?

PEX bestows increased visibility without increasing your workload. You can know immediately when and where your employees utilize their corporate prepaid gas card. This can discourage personal use and assist with tracking fleet locations, leading to 47% of PEX customers reporting a reduction in fraud

Fuel expenses will be easier to track than with normal prepaid gas cards. Fluctuating fuel prices can make expense management a nightmare, which is why PEX offers a number of features aimed to make accounting easier for small businesses. In fact, companies reported that PEX prepaid cards helped to reduce their time allocated toward reporting by an average of 12 hours a month.

PEX allows you to customize where and how employees use the reloadable card to fit your business’s particular needs. There’s a happy medium between giving your employees an ordinary credit card and an ultra-restricting one like a prepaid gas card, and PEX strikes a perfect balance. As a result, our customers saved an average of 26% on employee expenses.  

PEX can be setup to automate the process of reloading the card based off of particular assignments, ultimately lessening managers’ workloads. For additional information about how your team can put such APIs in place, please refer to our PEX Developer’s Guide

PEX easily integrates with many popular reporting software programs, including Xpenditure and Expensify. This means that, if you like the tool your business currently utilizes to track gas expenses, you may not have to switch in order to utilize PEX. 

PEX is not a credit card, granting additional options to small businesses who may not be able to obtain a substantial line of credit. Therefore, when employees make large purchases with PEX, you won’t have to worry about it exceeding credit card limits. 

To read more about practical uses for the prepaid gas cards, visit our page about fleet card alternatives

Which Small Businesses Would Particularly Benefit from PEX Reloadable Gas Cards?

PEX can be used by businesses spanning across a myriad of industries and, thanks to its simplistic usage and sophisticated reporting, there are benefits from which everyone can benefit. However, businesses that answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions below may find our prepaid gas cards especially useful:

Does your workforce consistently change, whether it be due to your industry’s seasonality or simply high turn-over?

  • Unlike many other options, PEX’s prepaid gas card can prevent new hires from accidentally or purposefully misusing the card. What’s more, once contract workers’ engagements are finished, employers can simply defund the cards. 

Are you a newly formed small business that experiences difficulty obtaining a substantial line of credit?

  • Because PEX prepaid gas cards are not credit cards, we do not require a credit history. 

Does your company use an outdated accounting system or struggle to correctly track fuel expenses?

  • PEX prides itself on the intuitive yet thorough accounting tools that we put at our customers’ fingertips. Our system effortlessly removes extra steps from the record-keeping process, resulting in an affordable time-saving solution. 
Commonly Asked Questions About the Business Prepaid Gas Cards

What happens if an individual tries to use PEX for an unauthorized purpose?

  • The card is immediately declined and whoever manages the account will receive a notification about the attempted transaction. 

Are there transaction fees associated with PEX?

  • Your business and its employees can fund and use the cards as much as you’d like with no transaction fees. Monthly fees apply; please review our pricing details.

What if I don’t like PEX prepaid gas cards?

  • We grant new customers a 60-day trial period in which they can determine whether or not PEX fits the needs of their business. It is only after this time period that you’ll be asked to begin paying for our services.