How to Fund Your PEX Account

Fleet Card Alternative

PEX is a powerful fleet card alternative and web-based expense management solution.
PEX is a Fleet Card Alternative

PEX offers the benefits of a fleet card without the limitations. Introducing a new, reliable, pump-only payment solution. There are no network restrictions or credit or charge line limitations, and you maintain control: your drivers receive reloadable Visa prepaid cards and can only spend the amount that you put on the card for fuel.

Keep Your Drivers Moving

Keep your drivers moving by using PEX as a fleet card alternative.

  • You provide funded PEX Cards to your drivers to pay for fuel, and if the need arises, you can instantly add funds through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your vehicles and drivers stay on the road, avoiding delays that eat into efficiency and profits.
  • Because PEX is a prepaid card program, you’re not subject to credit or charge lines that might result in drivers’ cards being shut down or the need to make multiple payments per month.
  • You control authorized purchases by determining how much is on each card and by restricting transaction to “pump only.” Your drivers won’t need to enter odometer readings or memorize identification numbers.
How PEX Works

Unlike traditional business fleet cards, PEX lets you add other categories of expenses, so if your driver has a legitimate need to use PEX for non-fuel purchases, you can authorize it on the go and avoid the reimbursement process. These are not credit cards or fleet cards for small business, so there is no chance of late fees or finance charges. PEX won’t impact personal or business credit.

Download the PEX Expense Management Fact Sheet to learn how PEX can be used as an alternative to fleet cards.