How to Fund Your PEX Account

Expense Management Solution

PEX lets you take control of spending and expense reports with web and mobile expense management.
Business Expense Management

PEX allows any business with employees or contractors to control and monitor all of their expenses on behalf of the company with business expense tracking. Employees receive reloadable Visa prepaid cards, but you control exactly how much is on every card and where they can be used, all from your computer and mobile device.

Easier Expense Reporting

PEX takes much of the pain out of business expense reporting. Rather than using a personal credit card, filling out an expense report, and waiting to be reimbursed, employees can use a business prepaid card. By using a PEX Visa® Prepaid Card for business expenses, uploading receipts via the PEX mobile app, and providing additional details on the purchase, many employers cut traditional expense reports altogether! 

PEX Improves Processes & Efficiency
  • Eliminating the tedious elements of expense reports not only saves you time on reconciliation, but also takes out the variation in outgoing cash flow - many PEX customers report that they save an average of 10 hours per month**!
  • For employees the time-consuming process of maintaining and filing expense reports is almost completely eliminated.
  • Our customers have told us that they have been able to cut their employee expenses by an average 26%** by controlling exactly what's available and where it's spent.

** Information based on October 2015 PEX Customer Survey.

Download the PEX Expense Management Fact Sheet to learn how PEX can save your business time and money on expense management and expense reporting.