How to Fund Your PEX Account

Business Finance Tools

Simplify your accounting operations with PEX, a web and mobile financial tool for business. 
A New Business Finance Tool

PEX is the budgeting tool that businesses use when their employees need to purchase on behalf of the company. Employees receive reloadable PEX Visa® Prepaid Cards, and you control exactly how much is on every card and where the cards can be used, all from your computer and mobile device.

PEX Helps Your Financial Operations

PEX gives your employees flexibility- while you stay in control of your expenses. By keeping limited amounts of money on each PEX Card, an employer can be assured that it won't be used for an unauthorized purchase, or at an unauthorized merchant. PEX makes it easier to stick to a budget. Your employees will spend less time filling out expense reports, while your bookkeepers save time reconciling them. 

PEX Mobile App - 24/7 Management
  • Virtual Expense Tracker: Transactions are posted to cards as they occur, so you can reconcile and track in real time.
  • Balances: Add money to a PEX Card, or remove funds in real time. When you fund the card remotely, the money is immediately available, so employees can swipe and go.
  • Spend Limits: Put limits on the amount your employees may spend for a day, week, or month, and select the applicable retailers where the card may be used.
  • Receipt Capture: Attach a digital receipt to a transaction with our receipt capture feature, along with any additional notes. No more chasing receipts! 

Download our Fact Sheet to learn more about PEX as a new business finance tool.

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