How to Fund Your PEX Account

Business Equipment Purchase

Let employees buy equipment in the field with PEX, an expense management and purchasing solution.
Buying Equipment in the Field

Purchasing the equipment your staff needs while they are in the field should be a simple process. PEX allows your team to buy the equipment they need with a swipe of a card and allows your business to budget and manage expenses in real-time.

PEX Helps Your Business

Last minute purchases and onsite expenses can be tough to track. PEX gives your employees flexibility, while you maintain control.

  • Commercial contractors use PEX Visa® Prepaid Cards to give their teams the freedom they need to purchase the right equipment for the job, without having to wait for approval from the office.
  • Local tradesman use PEX Card as an alternative to credit cards when purchasing the tools they need for the job.
  • Commercial construction companies manage their onsite expenses by budgeting for fuel, tools, and other supplies.
How PEX Works

Issue a PEX Card to employees and set a balance. Your cards are ready to go and funds are available as soon as you digitally transfer them. You can add and take away funds on all cards instantly - from the PEX mobile app or desktop. Purchases are posted in real time, so there’s no worry of overdrafting or not having funds available. You can decide at which merchants your cards may be used. 

How PEX Improves Processes & Efficiency

Keep your projects running smoothly by allowing employees in the field to make the purchases they need, all within a pre-approved budget that you assign. Employees can attach a digital receipt to each transaction. Plus. companies have told us that they spend an average of 12 hours less per month on reporting.**

**Information based on October 2015 PEX Customer Survey.  

Download the free PEX Expense Management Fact Sheet to learn more about PEX as a solution for business equipment purchases.