Why PEX works for commercial and local contractors

With tight controls and instant funding, PEX makes getting funds to workers on a job simple and efficient.

Here's how PEX can help your contractor business

  • Control Expenses

    Specify where employees are allowed to spend. (For example, permit retail but block entertainment.)

    Simplify project or department budgets by using PEX to break down expenses.

    Fund and defund PEX Cards instantly.

  • Paying for Employee Travel

    Approve travel-related categories so staff can make purchases without using cash or a personal card.

    Make employee travel and lodging easier.

    PEX Cards can have a set daily spending limit.

  • Expenses in the Field

    Provide funds to employees at the click of a button, whenever a last minute expense arises.

    Reconcile and track expenses in real-time.

    Change spending rules instantly based on where an employee needs to make a purchase.

  • Replace Employee Reimbursement

    Employees can stop paying for business expenses with their own cash or personal credit card.

    Employees won't need to wait for a finance department to cut a reimbursement check.

    Save time on expense reports and reconciliation.

  • Corporate Card or Petty Cash Alternative

    Create an electronic record for every dollar spent.

    Limit fraud risk by preventing employees from accessing the company credit line.

    Dispensing cash or juggling corporate credit cards isn't always feasible.

  • Fuel Expenses

    Ensure your staff always have the funds to cover fuel expenses.

    Cards can be set to a "pump only" option that blocks convenience store purchases.

    If an employee runs out of money for fuel, you can add it to their card instantly, 24/7.

How it works

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Business man wearing suit on the left, workman wearing PPE on the right
  • Easily budget and allocate funds to employees

    Allocates funds to cardholder

  • Determine specific expense needs

    Set spending categories (e.g. Fuel)

  • Set a daily spending limit to avoid exceeding budgets

    Set spending limits (e.g. $100 per day)

  • Employees gain access to necessary funds instantly

    Receives funds

  • Only spend money where approved

    Spends funds

  • Replenish automatically or by request

    Requests funds


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