PEX Release Notes 9.0

October 26, 2017

The 9.0 release includes improvements and bug fixes for our admin and cardholder websites, as well as PEX mobile and the PEX API.

Enhancement 1: reCAPTCHA
Enhancement 2: Bug fixes

Enhancement 1: reCAPTCHA

Attention: Admin and cardholder users

We have enhanced the security of both the admin and cardholder website by adding reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA prevents against automated login hacking by asking the user to solve a text, numerical or picture puzzle after a series of incorrect login attempts. Most authorized users of PEX will never see a reCAPTCHA prompt. More information about reCAPTCHA is available at

Enhancement 2: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users
Bug fixes and improvements for PEX's web, mobile and API products.

Bug Number



API: Added a “Message” field to the endpoint for Transaction Details. 
GET /Details/TransactionDetails
GET /Details/TransactionDetails/{Id}
The “Message” field will include decline reasons when a transaction is declined


Admin: Performance improvements to speed up card creation


Admin: Fix for a rare issue where card shipping address does not use the billing address when the “Same as billing address” checkbox is ticked


Admin and cardholder: Footer includes a link to the “Card use guide”

DEV-10902Admin and cardholder: Fixed a bug where some transactions returned an error on receipt upload
Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.