PEX Release Notes 5.0

April 26, 2017

PEX is moving to faster versioning of releases. Future releases will include updated major version numbers.

The 5.0 release includes the ability for admins to add reasons for rejecting data attached to the transaction, general UI improvements, changes to the Export tab and bug fixes.

Enhancement 1: Receipt Image Review Improvements 
Enhancement 2: Enhancement 2: Changes to Export Tab
Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes

Enhancement 1: Receipt Image Review Improvements 

Attention: Admins & Cardholders

The PEX receipt image upload feature includes an Admin review page (Account/ReviewTransactions) that can be used to support any receipt review process your company may have in place.  When an admin reviews a receipt image and rejects it, the admin is now prompted to add an optional reason for the rejection (“cancel” for no reason). The cardholder can view the reason for the rejected receipt on the transaction details screen on the cardholder website or PEX Mobile.

Enhancement 2: Changes to Export Tab

Attention: Admins

In order to help with reporting and increase transparency in spend, we will be increasing the amount of information attached to a transaction. “Export receipts” is now called “Export attachments”. “Receipt queue” is now called ”Attachments export queue”

Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users
Bug fixes and improvements for websites, mobile and API.

Bug Number



Fixed an intermittent problem with assigning spending rulesets to blocked cards from the Cards Search page


Fixed an issue where custom spending rules were not being shown as set on the card list tab


Fixed an issue with some card balances not being set to zero when batch setting to zero


“All other merchant categories are blocked” text will not longer display on the spending rulesets tab when all merchant categories are enabled


Updated error message for cardholders and admins when they try and modify a receipt before malware scan is complete. The message now reads: “Receipt is unavailable until malware scan is finished”


Fixed an issue with the Spend by transaction, Spend by card, Spend by group and Spend by category HTML reports. Hiding the first column no longer prevents the details from displaying

DEV-6397New “account ID” column added to the Card Holder Available Balance report on the admin site which displays a unique account ID number per cardholder.
DEV-6625Fixed an error in the transaction status regarding submitted receipts. Rejected receipts which were sent back to the cardholder for update continued to show rejected status, even after updating.
DEV-6643Fixed an issue where some customers couldn’t view some of their transaction history.
DEV-6655Fixed an issue where receipt uploads initiated via drag-and-drop would utilize the update receipt window instead of the attach receipt window.
DEV-6703Updated error message for cardholders when they try and update an approved receipt. The message now reads: “Only administrators can modify approved transactions”.
DEV-6750CSV reports including a transaction note with line break characters did not display data correctly. The report now supports the correct display of notes include a line break character.
Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.