PEX Release Notes 4.9

November 16, 2016

In the 4.9 release, we are introducing Receipt Capture. Cardholders and Administrators will now have the ability to attach receipts to transactions by uploading images from their mobile device or PC. An Administrator will also have the option to review each receipt image that is attached to a transaction and either approve, reject or ignore it. Receipt images can be downloaded from the PEX system for long term storage. Reports have been updated with a field that indicates whether or not a receipt was uploaded for a particular transaction for audit purposes.

Enhancement 1: Receipt Capture
Enhancement 2: New PEX Card Mobile App
Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes
Enhancement 1: Receipt Capture

Attention: Admins and Cardholders

The transaction history view in both web (Admin and cardholder) and mobile (Admin and cardholder) versions now includes a Receipts icon that indicates whether or not a receipt image has been uploaded and associated with a transaction. Uploading images taken via Android and iOS cameras or images that are available in the picture gallery is supported. Users can also upload receipt images using their PC or Mac by dragging and dropping them into the PEX application.  

As an Admin, you can use the Review receipt page to approve or reject attached receipts. Receipt images and transaction details are presented together (along with any transaction notes entered by the cardholder) so that you can compare the two in order to assure that your company will have a receipt that matches every completed transaction and that each receipt image is viewable. You can mark the receipt approved after reviewing it and confirming that it matches the transaction or reject it if it doesn’t. Receipt icons turn green for approved receipts and red for rejected receipts alerting the cardholder to the status of each uploaded receipt image. Receipt images that are approved are removed from the Review receipt page. You also have the option to ignore receipts to remove them from the Receipt review page if you choose not to review them.

The cardholder can see the status of the receipt by looking at their transaction history. If the receipt is rejected, the cardholder can upload a different image for review.

Receipts can be viewed in the card transaction history for up to 25 months. Receipt images can also be downloaded from transaction history as well as the Review receipt page.

Green: Approved
Red: Rejected
Gray: Ignored or not yet reviewed by an admin

Using up-to-date browser versions will give you access to all PEX receipt capture features:

BrowserVersionUnsupported Feature
ChromeCurrentAll supported
FirefoxCurrentAll supported
Safari9.1, 10All supported
Internet Explorer7, 8, 9Receipt Capture
Internet Explorer10 and laterReceipt: PDF preview, drag and drop file upload
Microsoft EdgeAllReceipt: PDF preview, drag and drop file upload
Enhancement 2: New PEX Card Mobile App

Attention: Admins and Cardholders

The mobile app has been redesigned using native Android and iOS functions, creating a more familiar mobile experience. In this release, we created a single PEX Card mobile app that can be accessed by both administrator or cardholder login credentials.  

Administrators must go to the app store and download the new version of the app.  
Cardholders will be notified that a new version of the app is available.

To use the new receipt capture feature as an admin, find the correct cardholder on the list, select Transactions, select the correct Transaction, and use the standard Android or iOS menu options to add a receipt, whether by snapping a picture or selecting it from your gallery.


Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users

Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.

Bug Number
DEV-935  Font size increased on Admin Site for 'Help' and 'Log Out' links at top of the page to make the easier to find.
DEV-2542Fuel & convenience store merchant category description included “Pay at the pump” which was inaccurate. Pay at the Pump supported in Fuel Pumps Only category. Description changed to “Pay inside at gas stations and convenience stores.” Note that this category allows any purchase inside a gas station or convenience store, not just fuel purchases.
DEV-2811Report scheduling feature did not accommodate daylight savings time. Reports scheduled prior to time change ran one hour earlier after the time change. Reports now run at scheduled time following daylight savings time change. 
DEV-2839The number of characters that can be entered for the username and password text fields is now limited to 45 and 16 respectively. 
DEV-2843Footer on Admin page now resizes correctly when active window is resized.
DEV-2873An attempt to register a duplicate user name now returns the correct error code.
DEV-2913Card funding transaction report is now populated with transaction notes. 
DEV-2930The .CSV version of the Card funding transaction report was populated with “Open” as status for active cards.  Cardholder available balance .CSV report now shows “Active” as status for active cards. 

Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.