PEX Release Notes 4.8

October 17, 2016
In the 4.8 release, we are introducing a feature that gives Admin users the ability to create their own unique merchant categories for use in Spending Rulesets and cardholder Spend Rules. In addition to creating custom merchant categories, Admin users will now also be able to apply a transaction limit to every merchant category (both standard and custom).  

Enhancement 1: Custom Merchant Categories
Enhancement 2: View Merchant Categories
Enhancement 3: Merchant Category Budgeting
Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes and Improvements List
Enhancement 1: Custom Merchant Categories
Attention: Admins

Admins will now be able to create custom merchant categories, using the exact combination of MCCs (Visa merchant category codes), to further limit where cardholders can spend. These custom merchant categories can be used in Spending Rulesets or individual cardholder Spend Rules.  

This feature allows you to further control unauthorized transactions by limiting spending to a single or small number of MCCs, rather than assigning a standard merchant category that can include dozens or even hundreds of MCCs.   

For example, you may want to assign a spending control to cards that limits the cardholder to fuel, parking and tolls.  The associated MCCs are included in 3 standard PEX Merchant Categories today: Fuel Pumps, Gas/Convenience Stores and Travel/Transportation. Enabling all 3 of these allows the user to spend at over 600 different types of merchants. This could result in unexpected purchases like a hotel or airfare being approved.

By creating a custom merchant category using only applicable Visa MCCs (e g 7523 Automobile Parking Lots and Garages, 4784 Tolls, Road and Bridge Fees, 5542 Automated Fuel Dispensers) and then using it in a new Spending ruleset, your expense policy becomes easier to enforce.

Enhancement 2: View Merchant Categories

Attention: Admins

By selecting the merchant category, you can see the full list of MCCs included. This can help you determine whether you can use a PEX merchant category, or need to create your own. The list includes the Visa description for the types of merchants that fall into that category code. You can edit categories you create, but cannot edit PEX categories or those created by other admins.

Enhancement 3: Merchant Category Budgeting 

Attention: Admins

Admins may now set a transaction dollar limit for any merchant category, including custom merchant categories. This makes it easier than ever to manage employee spending by limiting transaction amounts at restaurants, hotels, transportation, and more.

When you create or modify a Spending Ruleset or an individual card Spend Rule, you’ll see a max purchase box to the right of the merchant category. Any single transaction will be limited to the amount you enter in that box.

  • The max purchase limit will be applied to single transactions, but does not apply to aggregate transaction volume. For example, if a merchant category limit is set to $100.00, a transaction for $101.00 will be declined, but multiple $99.00 transactions will be approved, as long as the card has sufficient available balance.  

  • When you enable 2 separate merchant categories that contain one or more of the same MCCs, a warning message will appear advising that this can create conflicts. The lower max purchase limit will be applied when there is more than 1 max purchase limit that is associated with an MCC.

  • If you set a daily spend limit in the Spending Ruleset or on a card Spend Rule, you cannot enter any max purchase limit that is greater than the daily spend limit. 


Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes
Attention: Admin and API Users

Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.
Bug NumberDescription
DEV-394Fixed issue with Cardholder's available balance CSV report where amount values did not display with 2 decimal places.
DEV-946Fixed issue with older card and business statements in Safari where they could not be selected to view or print.
DEV-1007FAQ link in footer of cardholder website links to PEX Knowledge Base.
DEV-1018Fixed issue with batch funding dialog boxes to address removing funds from multiple cards.
DEV-1049Fixed issue with Card funding report where external API method was incorrectly labeled as Admin portal.
DEV-1050Fixed issue with Settlement detail report where report did not display pre-authorized purchase for subscription transactions.
DEV-1051Fixed issue with transaction reports where the ISA Fee line item did not reflect the transaction date.
DEV-1052Changed HTML reports to keep the header row visible during scrolling.
DEV-1053Added Frequency column to Scheduled reports table on the Report queue page.
DEV-2058Updated Cardholder agreement available on the Admin and Cardholder website.
DEV-2074Fixed issue with Quickbooks download report file where timezone was being improperly handled for QB Online.
DEV-2106Fixed issue with batch change status where cardholders with multiple inactive cards did not have older cards blocked.
DEV-2286Fixed issue where notes could not be deleted from pending transactions.
DEV-2292Fixed issue where cardholder notes on pending transactions could not be edited by admins.
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