PEX Release Notes 4.7.2

September 15, 2016

In the 4.7.2 release, we are introducing a new webhook which provides card status change notification. Bug fixes are also included.

Enhancement 1: Card Status Webhook
Enhancement 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements List
Enhancement: Card Status Webhook

Attention: API users and Webhook subscribers

Customers can now subscribe to a webhook to receive card status changes. This supplements PEX’s current webhooks service which currently provides only transaction data. All card statuses are supported (active, blocked, closed, and inactive). At least one webhook will be sent to the URL the customer provides - a message with CardStatus = INACTIVE when the card account is created. 

Sample card status change webhooks :

             "Description":"Status Change",

In this message body we have the next fields:

  • CallbackTime – the  time when the webhook sends the message based on a card status change
  • AcctId – the cardholder account Id
  • TransactionType – the card change status events the transaction type is CARD
  • Description - the card change status events the description is Status Change
  • CardId – the card plastic Id
  • CardStatus – the card status at CallbackTime (after it was changed). It can be ACTIVE, BLOCKED, CLOSED or INACTIVE. Note: Card orders will generate webhook messages for each card (with an inactive CardStatus).
Enhancement 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements List

Attention: Admin and API users

Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.

Bug Number Description
DEV-1594      Fixed issue with Auth Identity Response Code that resulted in Settlement detail report failing to run.
DEV-2213UI improvement for maintenance and other messages displayed within the Admin and Cardholder portal.  Messages will now be shown on the single or multiple page(s) throughout the site depending on the content.
DEV-973 Bug fixed that didn’t allow Admin to edit their own profile after removing "Add/edit/terminate Administrator" entitlement
Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.