PEX Release Notes 4.7

July 27, 2016

In PEX's 4.7 Release, we are introducing a Knowledge Base for PEX Administrators. The release also contains bug fixes and improvements.
Enhancement 1: New Administrator Knowledge Base
Enhancement 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements List
Enhancement 1: New Administrator Knowledge Base

Attention: Admins

PEX Client Services is excited to launch a Knowledge Base that will allow administrators to find answers to their questions about using the PEX system faster. Articles are organized into sections for easy browsing. The search option makes finding the information you need fast and easy.  

Access the Knowledge Base from the PEX admin site by clicking on Help at the top right of the page or FAQ in the site footer. The Knowledge Base will be updated on a continual basis with information on new product features as well as additional instructions on using the PEX system. 

Enhancement 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements List

Attention: Admin and API users

Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the PEX Admin website and API.

Bug Number          Description
DEV-1606Enhanced survey to notify customers that they are leaving the PEX websites.
DEV-1626Corrected the sign of transactions in Account/Transaction history detail screen. Prior to fix, negative/positive indicators were not aligned between summary transaction and detail transaction views.
DEV-1684Fixed issue where the Admin could delete a spending ruleset with card accounts assigned. Now, a spending ruleset must be removed from all accounts before it can be deleted.
DEV-2011Report description text revisions.
DEV-2009Fixed issue with transaction notes where the incorrect user name was displayed in transaction detail and reports.
DEV-1842Fixed issue with /Bulk/Zero API endpoint where job did not complete for all cards.
DEV-1990Fixed Amount field formatting issue that caused 4 decimal places to be displayed in .CSV reports.
DEV-1951Corrected .CSV report download issue. Safari users are now able to download .CSV reports.
Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.