PEX Release Notes 4.13

March 29, 2017

In the 4.13 release, we are introducing new filters for the Card list view, general UI improvements for the admin and cardholder sites, and several bug fixes.

Enhancement 1: Card List Improvements
Enhancement 2: General UI Improvements
Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes
Enhancement 1: Card List Improvements

Attention: Admins

We have added new pre-defined status filters to the Card list page, including Active, Blocked and Closed options. Admins may sort the list as needed.

The Filter search option is no longer a field of its own. You may now use the filter search in combination with a pre-defined status filter. Note that because the default status filter is Open cards, closed cards will not appear when using the Filter search while that status filter is highlighted.

Furthermore, the Card list page will appear for businesses with less than 500 open cards, instead of total cards, which included closed cards. The Card list for businesses with more than 500 open cards will remain hidden. 

Enhancement 2: General UI Improvements

Attention: Admins & Cardholders

The admin site has a few new UI changes in preparation for future features. The Review receipts tab under Accounts has been renamed to Review transactions as more features are added that will necessitate admin review.

Transaction details have been expanded with the inclusion of an attachment column for notes and receipts. Furthermore, admins can review transactions directly on the details in addition to the Review transactions tab.

Finally, the UI on the Export receipts tab has been modified for clarity and ease of use.

Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users
Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.

Bug Number



Compatibility improvements for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers while navigating the admin site’s card creation page.


Fixed error in external API endpoint POST/SpendingRuleset when setting a daily limit to an amount that is too large or less than zero. Response is now “Daily Spend Limit is not valid.”


Fixed issue in the administrator website cardlist where PIN indicator for some cardholders was not updated correctly.


Corrected text description for Entertainment Merchant category on the administrator website.


Improved handling in administrator website reports where notes were entered with line break character included.


HTML reports running longer than ten seconds now correctly notify the admin of the delay with a popup message.

Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.