PEX Release Notes 4.12

February 22, 2017

In the 4.12 release, we are introducing several bug fixes, UI improvements, and the inclusion of currency codes in the transaction details for the admin and cardholder sites.

Enhancement 1: Admin Site Improvements
Enhancement 2: Currency Code and Source Amount
Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes
Enhancement 1: Admin Site Improvements

Attention: Admins

The admin site includes two new improvements: HTML reports now have pagination and the export receipts page uses checkboxes rather than a table for selecting receipt types.

When generating a large HTML report from the Reports tab, the items shown per page is customizable, ranging from 25 to All. Using All would reset the page to the default option of viewing all of the rows on a single page. The pages may be navigated using the numbering on the left side, if applicable. If you consistently use the same browser, the admin site will remember the last setting used for items per page.

On the Export Receipts page, we have improved the interface by replacing the status listbox selector with individual check boxes. 

Enhancement 2: Currency Code and Source Amount
Attention: Admins & Cardholders

Transaction details now include the original currency, represented by its currency code, and the source amount in that currency. The currency codes are based on the internationally recognized ISO 4217 standard.

Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users
Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.

Bug Number



Long security questions are no longer be partially cut off on the login screen.


When creating new group names on the admin site, the full ASCII 0-128 character set is enabled.


On the Cards > Card list tab, the PIN and Rules for cards with the “Closed” status may no longer be edited.


Fixed an issue where the full screen mode from the HTML report viewer remained when navigating “Back”.


File names of PDFs and JPGs for downloaded Settlement Detail reports now correctly match the HTML settlement detail report.


Fixed an issue with Transaction History when displaying notes on transactions with multiple authorizations. 


Optimized the AllCardholderTransactions endpoint to better handle larger data sets.

Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.