PEX Release Notes 4.10

January 4, 2017

In the 4.10 release, we are introducing three new features: a new Export tab, which includes receipt exports, card tracking information, and an updated Make a Transfer page. Plus, we are implementing several bug fixes.

Enhancement 1: "Export" Tab - Includes Quickbooks, Xero, and receipts
Enhancement 2: Card Tracking Information
Enhancement 3: Updated "Make a Transfer" page
Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes
Reminder Announcement: Upgrade to the New PEX Mobile App
Attention: Admin Mobile App Users

If you have not downloaded the new version of the PEX mobile app, please do so. We will be removing the old app (PEX Admin) from the mobile stores on January 15, 2017. All new features will only be available in the new app.
Enhancement 1: Export Tab - Includes Quickbooks, Xero, and receipts
Attention: Admins

The Export to Quickbooks and Export to Xero screens have moved from the Reports tab to the new Export tab. From the Select screen, click on the Quickbooks or Xero button, or select the Export to Quickbooks or Export to Xero tab, to input the date range for your export file.

From the Export receipts tab, Admins may create a .zip archive of receipts attached to settled cardholder transactions and store it locally for audit, tax, or other purposes. The .zip archive will contain a receipt.txt file with a summary of all the receipts included, as well as a JPEG or PDF for each receipt. Receipt filenames follow a convention that starts with the cardholder first and last name and also includes the date, time, amount and merchant name. For example, Office_Manager_20161202_173027_56.40_USPS_PO_3596480048.jpeg

From the Select screen, click on the file cabinet button, or select the Export receipt tab to input the date range for your export file.

Select a date range for settled transactions. You can limit the contents of the archive by receipt review status. By default, all receipt statuses are included.

The date range is limited to 3 months per export. For data older than 12 months, contact Client Services.

To download the archive, go to the Receipt queue page. The archive will have a filename that contains PEXreceipts and the date range of the export, for example,

Once you have retrieved the archive, you can delete it from the list by clicking on the X to the right of the line item. Files will be removed from the list on the expiration date.

Enhancement 2: Card Tracking Information

Attention: Admins

The Admin website now displays the tracking number for expedited and rush cards. This information is available once the cards have shipped (3-4 business days after you order the card for expedited cards and 2-3 business days after you order the card for rush).

To track the delivery date for cards, go to the Cards page and click on Card order history. Select the order from the list and shipping details for that order are displayed, including the shipping address, shipping method, contact number and 3rd party tracking number. Click on the tracking number link to be redirected to the shipper’s website (UPS or FedEx, for example).

Enhancement 3: Updated Make a Transfer Page

Attention: Admins and Admin Mobile App Users

We have updated the Make a Transfer page on the Admin website and PEX mobile app. 

  • The "From" and "To" account information is now in a dropdown.
  • Admins can create a scheduled transfer from the Make a Transfer page.

To add a scheduled transfer, click the checkbox “Make this a scheduled transfer.” Select the frequency in the dropdown, either 1st of the month or Sunday-Thursday. Click the Transfer button.

To edit the amount or frequency of a scheduled transfer, click on the line item in the Scheduled transfers table on the Transfers page. If you need to change the To or From account, delete the row by clicking the X and create a new scheduled transfer.

You can now create a scheduled transfer on the mobile app. Click “Make this a scheduled transfer” and select the frequency. 

Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes

Attention: Admin and API users

Summary of bug fixes and improvements for the Admin website and API.

Bug Number



Fixed phone number formatting to remove parentheses () in Admin and Cardholder websites.


Fixed time formatting to remove leading zeros in transaction history screen.


Added validation for edit username to restrict input to 45 characters.


Removed category from report header on the Spend by Card report.


Limited max purchase amount on the spend rules page to be equal or less than the card spend limit.

Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.