PEX Release Notes 14.0

March 29, 2018

The 14.0 release includes improvements and bug fixes for our admin and cardholder websites, as well as PEX mobile and the PEX API.

Enhancement 1: PEX now supports Certify
Enhancement 2: Activity towards Time-based Spend Limits [PRO]
Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes and Improvements
Enhancement 1: PEX now supports Certify 

Attention: Admin users

PEX transactions are now fully integrated with Certify, a cloud-based travel and expense report management solution for companies of all sizes.
If you are struggling with expense policy compliance, accounting cost allocation or booking travel, contact us to find out how Certify and PEX can make your life easier.  If you're already a Certify user, contact your account manager to get your PEX account and transactions added to Certify.

Enhancement 2: Activity towards Time-based Spend Limits [PRO]

Attention: Cardholder users

If you are a PRO or INFINITE customer, your admin can set time-based spend limits for cardholders. If you have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime spend limit, cardholders can now view how much they have spent towards their limits. 

Enhancement 3: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Attention: Admin, Cardholders and API users
Bug fixes and improvements for PEX’s web, mobile and API products.

Bug Number



Alphabetical sorting of multiple programs for the same account 


Updated address validation for PO Boxes


Fixed API methods where declined transactions were incorrectly returning 0 in the transaction amount field

DEV-12265Fixed a UI bug where a tag of 200 characters was not accurately displaying
DEV-12317Admin: Add "Transaction notes" and "Tag" checkboxes to the column options
DEV-12694Fixed a bug resulting in a 400 error when Importing a csv file for tag options with an empty value
DEV-13249Improvements to the verify email error message
DEV-13349Updated to the text displayed on the page prompting for a Secure Access Code
DEV-13649Added a Group column to the  'Cardholder available balance' scheduled CSV report
DEV-13718Added a 25,000 transaction limit to selected reports
Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.