PEX Release Notes 13.0

March 6, 2018

The 13.0 release includes improvements and bug fixes for our admin and cardholder websites, as well as PEX mobile and the PEX API.

Enhancement 1: Bank transfer page refresh
Enhancement 2: New API endpoints
Enhancement 3: Deprecation: TLS 1.0
Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Enhancement 1: Bank transfer page refresh

Attention: Admin users

The Bank Transfer page has been refreshed to provide more assistance with adding an external bank account.

Enhancement 2: New API endpoints

Attention: API users

We have added two new endpoints that allow our API customers to retrieve details for network transactions. These endpoints compliment PEX’s transaction webhooks. More detail and full documentation is available at PEX’s developer site:​

Enhancement 3: Deprecation: TLS 1.0

Attention: All users

TLS is a security protocol used to negotiate a secure connection to a web site or API endpoint. On February 28, 2018, PEX stopped supporting an old version of this protocol, TLS 1.0. 
Most modern web browsers use TLS 1.1 or 1.2. The majority of customers will not see any impact to their ability to access PEX’s tools. If you receive an error on connecting to the PEX website, please ensure you are using an updated version of a browser such as Google Chrome v22 and above, Mozilla Firefox v27 and above, Microsoft IE v11 or Edge, or Safari v7 and above. 
More information about configuring TLS for PEX developers is available at

Enhancement 4: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Attention: Admin, Cardholders and API users
Bug fixes and improvements for PEX’s web, mobile and API products.

Bug Number



Added additional validation to card input field on the admin and API site


Updated confirmation message when funding/defunding a card with a negative balance.


Updated text on admin site to differentiate between PIN Transactions and Force Posts

Questions or comments about the release? Please email or call us at 1-866-685-1898.