The PEX platform & prepaid cards help studios and event planners control expenses.

PEX for Film and Television Productions

The best card for non-payroll production expenses

Download the PEX Guide for Film and TV Production.

Learn about how PEX works and why it's the best choice of Workforce Spending Platform and Prepaid Cards for Film and Television Productions.  PEX saves you time and money by streamlining expense tracking and reconciliation.

PEX manages your non-payroll production expenses without the challenges presented by credit card options. The PEX platform provides the ability to distribute cards to your entire crew, manage individual budgets, and see your expenditures in real-time.

The PEX Mobile App provides unlimited flexibility, giving administrators the ability to manage cards and funding whether they're on set or in the office, and cardholders the ability to request additional funds and capture receipts.