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You've taken the first step in helping your business succeed by applying for working capital. When combined with PEX, your staff is empowered to buy what's needed, without the hassles of cash, credit cards, or checks.

How PEX Works

1. Set Spending Controls
2. Real-Time Add or Remove Funds
3. Spend
4. Real-Time Reporting 

How it works

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Business man wearing suit on the left, workman wearing PPE on the right
  • Easily budget and allocate funds to employees

    Allocates funds to cardholder

  • Determine specific expense needs

    Set spending categories (e.g. Fuel)

  • Set a daily spending limit to avoid exceeding budgets

    Set spending limits (e.g. $100 per day)

  • Employees gain access to necessary funds instantly

    Receives funds

  • Only spend money where approved

    Spends funds

  • Replenish automatically or by request

    Requests funds


PEX Impacts Your Bottom Line

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