Event + Festival Expenses, Simplified

The premier way to pay for the TV and Film Industry

If you oversee multiple projects, film crews or production teams, expense management can quickly get complicated. The lengthy process, from tracking down receipts to compiling expense reports, takes valuable time and adds cost.

PEX is a next-generation expense management solution that can help you handle your expenses more efficiently and eliminates outdated ways to pay like checks or petty cash. PEX enables spending with a new degree of oversight to help manage cash flow, control spend and improve your bottom line.

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Receipt capture

Cardholders photograph receipts with the PEX Mobile App and PEX makes them available to you in the cloud


Electronic payments

Create rules to automatically fund and defund cards to gain greater control of and visibility into cash flow 


Mobile on-the-go access

Cardholders launch the app to check funding and spending rules; admins use it to set or change spending rules on-the-go


Syncs with current software

Integrate PEX functionality with your accounting systems to get real-time insights into business operations and cash flow


  • Rules-based or on-demand authorizations and funding
  • Real-time transaction processing and reporting
  • Build your own custom payment platform with the PEX API


  • Lets cardholders know exactly what they can spend on
  • Captures receipts and custom accounting codes
  • Administrator functionality for authorized personnel


  • Issue cards without applications or credit checks
  • Usage restricted to authorized purchases, amounts and times
  • White-label program to issue cards with your logo

PEX offers tools and support to help you to turn workforce spending into a competitive advantage. What can we do for you?

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