Better Manage Your Church Expenses

Learn How PEX Can Simplify Church Expense Management

End the headache of managing expenses for your religious organization.
PEX offers a secure way to get spending power to church staff and volunteers while controlling where and how funds are used.

With 24/7 mobile access, PEX allows you to track transactions, adjust balances, and change spend rules in real time. The platform is simple to use, putting you in control of church expenses with only a couple of clicks.

Download the Fact Sheet for more information on how PEX can simplify expense management for your church.

The PEX Process

1. Set purchase type and amount limits

2. Activate or deactivate cards in real time

3. Enable staff and volunteer spend

4. Create expense repords on demand

"Our church loves PEX. It has been really the answer to the problem of accurately tracking expenses. It also means purchases don't have to be delayed because our pastor can charge it and not use personal money. "
- Church Finance Administrator 

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