See how PEX Platform and Prepaid Cards help churches and their religious organizations manage spending and expenses

How PEX Helps Simplify Church Expense Management

Built from the ground up for secure spending and convenient reporting

Churches are built on the trust of donors, members and other stakeholders. They must also meet strict regulatory requirements to maintain their 501-C status. Unwieldy cash and check systems make it hard to track and keep an accurate record of expenses.
PEX is a next-generation expense management platform that streamlines reporting with efficient spend, automated control, and enhanced security. The PEX Platform lets you see transactions as soon as they’re made, so you have a digital record of every dollar spent. With customized spend rules, nonprofits can control spending in ways never before possible.
How PEX works for nonprofits:
  • Replace cash and check systems with PEX Prepaid Cards​
  • Limit spending amounts and purchase types
  • View transactions in real time
  • Let users submit receipts through a mobile app photo 
  • Special pricing for churches and other nonprofits

Download the PEX Church Expense Management Fact Sheet
Learn more about how PEX simplifies financial management and reporting for churches and other nonprofit organizations.