Should your business have a social media policy?

Each week PEX Card reaches out to industry experts to provide advice, solutions, and answers to your questions. This week we have Brian Moran, CEO of Brian Moran & Associates answering questions. Brian Moran & Associates is dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs run better businesses.

Question: My company just started using social media for our business. There are eight people in the company including me that will have access to our different accounts. Do we need to have a social media policy in place?

Answer: If your employees are using social media for business and representing your company then you absolutely should have a social media policy in place. The last thing you want to do is have a conversation with an employee after they’ve called out a competitor or put the company in an awkward position because of a gaffe on Twitter, Facebook or one of the many other social media platforms. If you have an employee handbook in place, add a social media policy as an addendum to it. The policy should include how you want the employees to conduct themselves online while representing your company. If you don’t have a policy in place, consult with your attorney and insurance agent to find out about the risks involved in the event of an errant tweet or Facebook posting. Social media can be a valuable tool to find new customers, conduct market research and build your company brand. It can also have negative consequences. Protect your business and your brand by doing some homework and putting proper procedures in place when it comes to social media.

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