PEX Card User Review: Cyber-NY

Small business owner, Michael Brown was one of the first to participate in the PEX Card private beta program. Over the last few months he has integrated the card program into his New York office, and will soon be incorporating it into his San Francisco office.

His firm, Cyber-NY, is a full service web design agency, employing designers, developers, and account managers. The needs and budgets of his employees differ, but PEX Card is helping him control spending while keeping business moving. Recently he sent us an email outlining some of the ways that PEX Card is helping him move business forward:

“I was out of the office and an employee needed to make a purchase over the internet. We have a petty cash box, but you can't feed dollars bills directly into a website. So – we loaded the necessary funds onto his PEX Card to make the purchase. It's already our first thought – use the PEX Card!

We don't do the same thing with debit cards (there is a risk of letting everyone tap into our checking account directly), because the bank requires me to show up at a branch with our corporate kit along with the new person signing on the account. And, for the SF office we have to fax over a signature card. It is a waste of time – PEX Card is easier.”

If you have a story about how you've put PEX Card to work in your business – send us a comment.

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