Outsourcing Back Office Operations: This Week in the Back Office

Wayfair Sends Back Office Ops Abroad

This week, Nearshore Americas reported that Wayfair, the home improvement e-commerce giant, outsources several back office jobs to a South American firm.

The article identifies several reasons why the strategy could help Wayfair scale – and why other companies might consider similar partnerships.

” … it is increasingly clear that digitally-driven organizations such as Wayfair will continue to seek out partners in locations that are nimble, can quickly get aligned with clients because of cultural compatibility, and possess citizens willing to commit to BPO as a career instead of a stepping-stone to 'something better,'” according to Nearshore Americas. Check out the full story.

Fed Up With Invoicing? Look to the Cloud

A shift to cloud-based invoicing helped this professional freelancer allocate more time to her business and capture income that might have otherwise been buried under piles of paper. Find out how she managed to make the switch. Check out the full story.

Disaster Recovery Without the Financial Risk

Servpro of Spring/Tromball, Texas, responds to unpredictable emergencies and disasters of all sizes. A key to the company's success? Financial tools that help manage upfront costs and streaming back office operations. Check out the full story.

Ship Captain Under Investigation for Misusing Funds

Finally, another corporate expense horror story. The former president of the Boston Harbor Pilots Association is under investigation for allegedly using the organization's credit cards on personal expenses like gas and entertainment. Check out the full story.

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