New Software for Contractors

Innovative new software for contractors is increasing efficiency and productivity, according to Contractor Magazine. Check out some of the top new software solutions for contractors, and learn what you might be able to adopt in order to increase productivity in your business:

What it is: A cloud-based app that helps SMBs that market to and serve residential customers, with a focus on scheduling, service, and retention.
How it works: Customers are able to book appointments online, get appointment reminders on the app, and evaluate the business. Use the same system to cross-promote other services or send marketing emails.
Why it's great for contractors:
  • Set reminders for customers who need annual services, such as HVAC
  • Facilitates clustering appointments together, to reduce travel for service providers
  • Create historical logs of maintenance
  • Customers can easily rate the service professional, and due to the ease of the app, are more likely to do so
Explorer Eclipse
What it is: A browser based solution that integrates cost, accounting, and project management.
How it works: Companies are able to install core modules such as accounts payable/receivable, payroll, and cash management.
Why it's great for contractors:
  • Estimate equipment work orders
  • Manage inventory and materials
  • Automatically attach photos to a job using GPS coordinates
  • Tracks equipment repair history and schedules routine maintenance of a fleet
For more detail on these products, check out the full article from Contractor Magazine here.

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