New Features for PEX Customers – 4.4 Release


PEX is releasing some exciting new features for Administrators and API users with its 4.4 release. We’re validating billing and shipping addresses for PEX administrators to prevent errors on your account. Plus, API users can leverage enhanced rule sets and eliminate duplicate API calls.  

Enhancement #1
What is it? Address Validation 
Where is it happening? Admin site
Who is it for? PEX Admins and API users

Admins no longer have to worry about entering the wrong mailing address – which can cause cards to get lost. The PEX platform will now validate your address against the USPS database and suggest corrections, if necessary. 

Enhancement #2
What is it? Spending Rulesets – API
Who is it for? API users

Spending rulesets help administrators to manage card spending by specifying where a PEX Card can be used. The rules can be created once and applied to multiple card accounts. API users will now be able to create, view, and set spending rulesets without going to to the Admin website. 

Enhancement #3
What is it? Duplicate API Call Detection
Who is it for? API users

Occasionally, PEX customers make duplicate API calls that might result in double funding a batch of cards. Our new duplicate API call feature will detect identical calls made within 60 seconds of each other and automatically disregard the duplicate call. 

For full details on this release, please view the 4.4 Release Notes.

Are you an API user or have questions about these updates? Contact the PEX Admin Support Team: 1-866-685-1898 or [email protected]

Pam Matheson is PEX's Chief Product Officer. She works to define the product, implement the processing system, create key partner integrations, and establish PEX's customer service methodology. A veteran of the prepaid card industry, Pam has also worked in product development for Clarity Payment Solutions and TSYS Prepaid.

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