Mobile Consumers & the On-Demand Economy


The On-Demand Economy, a group of executives involved with the on-demand consumer space, conducted a survey to gain some insight into the behavior of smartphone users and their attitudes toward a variety of apps and services.  The group surveyed US mobile smartphone owners, across mobile operating systems, various cities, age groups, and other demographics. Here are some key takeaways about modern mobile consumers: 


  • Most smartphone owners only use fraction of the dozens of apps they have installed on a weekly basis
  • Most people still discover apps organically – not through paid marketing
  • Most consumers still want new apps, services they haven't heard of yet 
  • The majority of consumers have clicked on mobile ads (intentionally)
  • Many people still aren’t aware of  on-demand services like GrubHub, Eventbrite, Instacart, Postmates (Uber is the exception, 85% of respondents know about that service)
  • Awareness of many of the on-demand services depended on geographic location


  • The majority of respondents have made a purchase through a mobile app or mobile browser, but preference remains for web browser
  • iPhone users more likely to make purchases through a mobile app than other operating systems
  • Most people who have used apps to make purchases in the following categories: retail, events, food delivery, taxi
  • More people are inclined to make a purchase via a mobile app if there was a discount offered

 Full findings from this survey are available here.

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