Marketing Trends to Know for 2015


Whether or not the calendar year and fiscal year align, business owners usually associate the start of a new year with a fresh start for their business. As you look into marketing strategy for your business in 2015, Inc magazine has some marketing trends you need to know:

LinkedIn and other social networks are a great way to deliver content. 
LinkedIn has really pulled ahead of other social networks as the go-to method of content delivery for business, particularly for B2B marketing. The LinkedIn Pulse feature has become a great way to deliver content, and some argue it’s the most effective social media platform.

Make it personal. 
Something as simple as adding a personalized greeting to email marketing greatly increases the click-through rate. Similarly, a personalized website experience increases web sales.

Integrate social media.
While social media isn’t new, integration methods are constantly changing. Something as simple as share buttons will boost content virality. Find new ways to integrate social media with your content.

Prepare for new technology. 
Keep an eye out for emerging tech trends. For example, you know that Apple’s watch is coming soon. Find out how your content delivery will work with wearable devices.

For a more detailed analysis of marketing trends to look for in 2015, check out the full article from Inc here.

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