If Receipts Could Talk: This Week in the Back Office


We get it — It's impossible to stay on top of every expense management story, so we've got you covered. Keep reading for a recap of this week's top back office-related news that you can't afford to miss.

A Quick Guide to Expenses and Reimbursement

While there are countless new expense management tools and technologies available to make back-office operations run smoothly, submitting expense reports is still a huge pain. TNW sat down with Xpenditure CEO and Co-Founder, Boris Bogart to find out how companies can improve their expense reporting process. His advice was simple: educate your employees on your policy, streamline the process to save time and money and go digital to avoid human error.
Check out the full story here.

What the New FASB Standards Mean for Nonprofits

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the body that sets accounting standards in the United States, recently announced new standards that will change nonprofit financial reporting. Check out the full story here.

“How I Saved Thousands”

Saving money for your business isn't always about cutting back. Eleven entrepreneurs share the penny-pinching strategies that saved them thousands. Check out the full story.

What to do When Customers Drag Their Feet on Invoicing

According to a recent study, 64 percent of SMBs are affected by late payments that put their financial stability at risk. How can you safeguard your business? Check out the full story.

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