Getting Money to People in Field Made Easy

Companies that put their people in the field know all too well that dealing with expenses can be a hassle. For some, employees are asked to pay out of pocket and submit expense reports, for others you can issue cash or a corporate credit card. But in all these cases, the expense situation is still a drain on time and resources no matter what. We are focusing on creating programs to ease the burdens of expense management for companies that put folks into the field, which is why we started the first reloadable prepaid debit card for business. The positive feedback we get from customers has been overwhelming and it is a great validation that the service is useful to people. We love hearing that. The common feedback thread we get from companies is we are saving them time.

Managing expenses through reloadable prepaid debit cards limits how much time they spend worrying about how to get money to people in the field who are traveling far from home. All they have to do is login, select the cardholder who needs money, add money through our QuickFund feature and log out. The operation takes less than :30. Because all the transactions appear instantly, as they occur, the company can keep tabs on spending immediately. If they want to update their accounting software before the receipts come in, they can do that too. The process is handled more smoothly and an accurate cash position is always on hand. Give it a try!

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