Fundraising Technology Trends for 2014

According to a survey by Find Accounting Software, most nonprofit fundraisers report being more effective in their fundraising with better technology. However, 1 in 3 fundraisers say the software they are using to fundraise is dated or inadequate.

Fundraisers often use a combination of software to get the job done, which is typically broken up into three categories:

1. Productivity Apps (Microsoft Office, Google Docs)

2. Contributions management software (Donor management for tracking fundraising activities)

3. Accounting Software (Most programs are used by both nonprofit and for-profit, and many can track donations.)

Most major gifts are solidified during face-to-face meeting with fundraisings and executive directors. However, many donors (lower-dollar donors in particular) make a gift using the web. For more on fundraising technology trends, check out the article from Find Accounting Software.

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