Controlling Spending on the Road – Expense Policy

They are your face to your customers. They're funny, and nice, and work their tails off to make your company a success. But, man-oh-man can they spend money!

Business travelers can wreak havoc on your budget and drive up your cost of goods sold. Over the next few entries we'll discuss a few easy steps to help you keep spending in check.

If you don't have a written expense policy, write one. If you have an expense policy, and are finding that employees ignore it you need to review it and make changes. One of the easiest ways to make sure your expense policies are adhered to is to have employees sign a document stating that they have read and understand the policy, promise to adhere to it, and recognize if they don't they will face consequences (i.e. non-reimbursement, curtailed travel, reduction in bonus, or even termination).

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