Business Pre paid Cards: Over Budget Transactions

Time is spent, in every company, setting budgets. And frustration is caused when something goes over-budget. Sometimes going over-budget is due to forces beyond your control and sometimes it is avoidable.

When the price of supplies rise or another occurrence that sends the budget spiraling, a plan is needed to get the money where it needs to be so the project can at least continue. With PEX Card, funds can be added to a pre paid card immediately, ensuring that work can continue on-time, if not on-budget. Then, because the fund amounts are up-to-the-minute, managers can see how much money is left and use that to start working to bring down costs for other expenses to reign in the budget.

Fortunately, PEX Card can help prevent the other times you’re over-budget. Employees can only spend money placed on their cards and rules can be put in place limiting where that money can be spent and how much can be spent in one day. Managers with employees on the road can wait to find out the total cost of a hotel room and then add just that amount to the card, immediately, so there are no surprises in the list of expenses to drive up the budget.

No one likes to go over-budget. PEX Card can help you stay on target.

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