Best Public Relations Tips for Your Business

When you are still growing your business, spending a lot on public relations might seem like a low priority. However, getting the good word about your company is essential to any business. If no one knows about your product or service… what’s the point? Having a solid public relations and marketing plan is essential to ensuring your product or service reaches the right audience, and that your company maintains its reputation. From Inc magazine — here are some public relations tips and marketing tricks for your business. They will save you money, time, and you can put them to use today!

Email is Important
Email is one of the best ways you can follow up with customers. That being said, no one likes being bombarded with too many emails, so make your email communications count. A good way to start might be a monthly newsletter that keeps customers apprised of new products or developments; more frequent communications might follow if the demand is there.

Social Media is Powerful – Use It
When I message a company of any size via social media, I’m always thrilled when I hear back! Even if my original comment is a complaint — they listened, they responded. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, having a platform for customers to engage with a business is extremely valuable. Communicating with customers, other businesses, or sharing links increases visibility for your business in a big way.

Take Part in the Conversation 
Use tools like Hootsuite or Google Alerts to stay abreast of industry news. When people are having a conversation about certain keywords and important topics in your industry, jump in with some advice or insights and make your brand known.

There are plenty of other useful public relations tips for you to use — check out the article from Inc here for more simple tricks to grow your business.

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